Wish You Were Here. 1996

(Concrete Blocks, Cement, Pipe insulation, Poly - Packaging Chips.)

Commercial Too, A large disused box factory space in Folgate Street London E1. This installation evokes a hybrid swimming pool / industrial plant; the purpose of which is unknown.

The warehouse has since been re-developed into apartments.

With thanks to Travis Perkins and Climaflex Insulation.

Remedy (Single Chamber) 1993

(Used Rosehip Teabags, Mild Steel.)

International  Artists Centre, Poznan, Poland.

A large number of used teabags were used to build, inside a wet and cold cellar, a much larger than life, super-sized teabag which was plunged in a puddle outlined by a linear metal strip on the floor. Simple measures - a change of function, scale and the multiplication of the one-fold element, created an unexpected context which brought to mind the inconsistencies frequently met whilst looking inside a logically shaped structure of everyday life. The impossibility of measures taken by people to ward off the inevitability of death - the large teabag in the celler  being also reminiscent of a house or a tombstone.

                                                                                                   Andrzej Syska.

With thanks to: Department of Art and Culture Poznan Provincial Office. Poznan Municipal Office.  The British Council.  Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan.  Middlesex University. Twinning (london) UK Ltd.

"Safe As Milk" 1997

(60 pints of milk, battery lighting, Steel Bank Safe)

'WheNever' C Too, London.

Misplaced allocation of value.

The failure to use appropriate measures of protection. It's a global insanity.

The title is borrowed from Don Van Vliet.


The Logical Progression Of Splendid Man. 1986/7

(Financial Times Newspapers, Plaster, GRP, Fabric, Timber, Concrete.)

B/W photograph of artist with work by David Ash and Mark Turner.

This work is incorrectly categorised - but then - which of us isn't ??


The original can be viewed at Howard Kennedy - Finers Stephens Innocent :

No. 1 London Bridge,

London SE1 9BG.

DX 144370 Southwark 4

Strictly by appointment only.

See What I Mean. 2015

(Wood, Plaster, Tape. Emulsion.)

"Silent Movies" was a huge three day exhibition / event curated by Vanya Balogh and Cedric Christie.

This Artlyst Sponsored exhibition featured over 100 artists in the circular 20000 sq ft multi story car park beneath Cavendish Square, London.

With thanks to :

Vanya Balogh and Cedric Christie.

Geoff Leong @ Q Park.


Photography : by Anne Menpes, Jessica Bailey and Philip Raymond Goodman.